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Time escapes me.

I miss dA, though perhaps my actions don't show it.

This summer is a time of finishing high school and preparing for college... but it has also been a time of war in my family. My head and heart are full of pain and triumph over family-related issues. There is such an incredible amount to think about in this world. I know I will never figure it all out, most likely never figure even a single thing out, yet I cannot abandon the trail of thoughts, however impossible it may seem.

I have discovered some things. I am an optimist with a pensive nature. An imperfectionist with perfectionist tendencies. I am changing. I am fighting a current. I am torn between philosophies. I have decided to go to counseling soon.

But the point is:
I miss you all
  I love you all
    And I hope the universe is unfolding favorably around you.


Tracey, an imperfectionist
United States
Current Residence: Earth, physically speaking. (Texas)
Favourite genre of music: Indie, alternative rock, classical, punk, etc... just no rap/country
Favourite photographer: my sister
Skin of choice: blue.
Favourite cartoon character: Bloo, Courage, Cosmo, Bugs Bunny, Gir, Dagget&Norbert, Chowder, Schnitzel, Charlie Brown
Personal Quote: "I think..."

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Chibi-Narusegawa Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the fave!! :heart:
TixieLix Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav on my Link drawing!
ki-ri-01 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Hobbyist
Thanks for the fav~ :)
HugQueen Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011   Writer
:hug: <3
NeptuniaSulphur Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the :+fav:
I play pennywhistle, too !
best wishes
Puricino Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2011
FREE HUG! :tighthug: :D
verilyartwork Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2009
they think ive left. its quite marvellous.
i return on this beautiful wet day to ask you to run away with me. however i am quite aware that the answer will be undesirable.
instead i will tell you that i think of you when i am looking at my favourite view- of pitter patter rain drops falling like very sad angels onto bedroom window and the soft earth beneath.
these days i can feel everything breathing, and they speak to me with these sad hoarse voices-

i wish that i could share things with you.
tbird-dove Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2009
dear declan,
i've missed you.
you write the most beautiful letters. i have no idea what to say after i read them, and i end up writing things like this...
what if i said i'd love to run away with you? i can't, though. but it's an incredibly lovely idea.
i would love to think that you think of me sometimes, especially when it's raining. i think of you when it's raining.
if you can hear them, listen carefully.

you can share anything with me anytime you want to.

i wish you the best, dear declan. for you, i kept out all the capitals.

verilyartwork Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2009
dear tracey-
this is the second time i attempted to write you a message today. the first attempt crumbled to a footprint of ash on hot tarmac. i am praying that this one will prove more successful.
i wonder how you are faring in your world. i wonder if your words these days, are flowing and joyous, or fragile and bitter- or if you have any words at all. life is also killing me-
the thought came to me on a sleepless night, that we seem to live only to pretend that we never existed in the first place- and when everything seems folly, the evidence only continues to mount. they say 'such is life' like they breath heavy and snigger, when phrases and quotes and metaphors and switches are flicking in the heads of every one of us. and then inevitable is continually denied, and the deniable in adamantly confirmed- and noone turns their head in the street because if they take their eyes off their goal for even a split second, all reality will shatter around their pointless, little steps.
i suppose what im trying to say, tracey, is- everything is going to be alright.
tbird-dove Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2009
Dear declan,

I can't believe I've allowed a message like this to sit unrequited for a full 22 days. I just discovered it today, and I don't feel inspiring enough to write a worthy reply, but I couldn't stand to let it sit here alone for a single day longer.

Please forgive my absence.

I've sincerely missed you and your beautiful words. I am sorry to hear that the first attempt met such a sad end... still, it must have been beautiful.

For the most part, I fare well in the world. I have ups and downs. Mostly, I feel surrounded by the pressing demands of reality, but Neil Gaiman has rescued me recently, and I've begun to read a bit more and feel a bit better. I think my words are somewhere between those extremes. Mostly they are tired, like me. I need to find a balance between reality and meaning, and then I believe they can be set free.

How do you fare in the world? How are your words?

That is an incredibly interesting thought. My mind can't quite reach so high as to add to it. I believe I see the same thing... but there is always more. I think the truth is that everyone is deeply confused and those who are certain are still only guessing... but only few will confront the uncertainty.

Thank you for this message. I feel honored that you would write such beautiful words to me. I believe everything is going to be alright, too. <3
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